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Today is Saturday March 26.  First thing was to mail a letter to our friends in Paris.  The letter contained some pictures of the work being done to our street.  It will be of interest to them.

From the post office (la poste) we walked to the Quic-En-Groigne hotel which our friends run.  We had purchased some chocolates as a surprise for them.  We delivered the chocolates this morning and they were pleasantly surprised.  Michel commented about the quality of chocolates, so we knew we had made the right choice.

Now out to the harbor to see what was happening.  Not much, but the Brittany Ferry ship BRETANGE was in the harbor.  It looked like the people were all on board, but they were still loading some trucks and tractor-trailers.  The BRETANGE set out from port a couple of minutes late, 10:35.  We had walked to the end of the breakwater (mole), right to the small light house at the end of the mole.  From there Phil was able to take a few pictures of the BRETANGE passing the light house.  Quite a sight to be that close to the big ferry at it headed for Portsmouth in England.

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The family who has the top floor (6th floor in the USA and 5th in France) of our building came to town today.  They live outside of Paris and use the apartment only on holidays and in the summer.  They brought a desk and chair into the building and took it to the top floor.  Quite a few stairs to climb as we do not have an elevator.

At 15:00 we went to the Salle Sainte Anne (small local auditorium) to hear a presentation by a man who has spent much of the last 35 years in Saint-Malo researching the city.  The topic today was his last 35 years researching Saint-Malo.  How appropriate. He is a bit of an amateur historian.  In the past we had attended his presentation on Chateaubriand in Saint-Malo and his presentation on the history of The Old Streets of Saint-Malo.  In both cases he had used a slide show for his presentation and there had been a lot of slides, 2 hours worth!  This time he did not have a slide show. In fact he only had his paper binders which he used to reference information.  It was interesting, but it was very slow for Sandy since it was all verbal and nothing visual.

We left at 16:30 and found that it had rained quite heavily while we were at the presentation.  We headed toward the apartment, but stopped at a chocolatier / patisserie and picked up a dessert for this evening.  It was quite good!

All our pictures for March in Saint-Malo France can be viewed at 2016-03 March in Saint-Malo on Flickr.  They will open in a separate window.