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Today is Tuesday March 22.  We are expecting our usual vegetable/fruit seller to be back in the local market.  This market is very small but does have a butcher, 2 veg/fruit sellers, a flower seller, and a local artist with his pictures. The market is only 30 steps from our building door. But we must have misunderstood, for he was still on vacation today.  So off we went in the other direction, 50 steps to the 4 Saisons (seasons) vegetable / fruit store.  We bought Batavia lettuce, pears, oranges and strawberries.  Back to the apartment.

After lunch our plan is to take the bus to the Catholic Relief clothing resale shop and then to the Carrefour hypermarche for some canned goods.

At the clothing shop Sandy purchased a belt and a hot pot holder. I got a new winter knit cap to replace the one I lost in the storm on March 9.  Total spent 1.5€.

We walked to Saint-Servan to get the bus to Carrefour.  At Carrefour we did most of our shopping but missed a couple of things on the list.

Back in the Intra-Muros we stopped at the local butcher, but he was closed.  There was a note on the door explaining how extenuating circumstances caused him to be closed this afternoon.  So, back to the apartment for the rest of the afternoon.  The decision has been made for us, eat out tonight.

At about 19:30 we headed out to CHEZ MARCEL.  Chez Marcel is a very small restaurant, 3 tables seating 12 people.  Their speciality is a kebab with lamb, onions, lettuce and tomatoes with a white herb sauce.  This is accompanied by fries.  It was very good and inexpensive, 15€ for the two of us.

lamb kebab, fries and sauce

lamb kebab, fries and sauce


Chez Marcel


Chez Marcel






All our pictures for March in Saint-Malo France can be viewed at 2016-03 March in Saint-Malo on Flickr.  They will open in a separate window.