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Hello on Saturday March 19.  It is a pretty cold out, around 3°C , 37°F.  Sandy brought back croissants and fresh bread for breakfast.  Quite the treat.  The croissant melt in your mouth.  The bread has a wonderfully crusty exterior and soft fragrant interior.

We walked to Saint-Vincent gate to get a bus to the Dugay Trouin bus stop which is just down the road.  From there we walked to the Intermarche store.  We only needed a few things; yogurt, cranberry juice, toothpaste, butter, soup, spot cleaner, chocolate pirate duck for Easter (not a need, a craving), and dishwasher spot agent.

We bought a single red rose from the Lions Club members in the entry way to the store.  They were selling roses to raise money for charity.

From there we walked to the Rocabey market.  It is Thursday and Saturday each week.  We looked around at the open air (exterior) vendors  The open air vendors are selling flowers, plants, shoes, clothing, small kitchen utensils, and table cloths. Sandy purchased some sewing needles from one vendor.

Then we went inside to the covered (interior) market.  The covered market is where you find the cheese sellers, the vegetable and fruit sellers, the meat sellers, and the bakery goods sellers. We purchased some strawberries from on fruit vendor.  The strawberries were priced by the kilogram.  Not knowing how many strawberries were in a kilogram, I asked for 100 grams of strawberries.  It turns out that of the strawberries we were buying, 100 grams got you 7 strawberries.  So I asked for another 100 grams.  The cost was 3€ and a few centimes for 15 strawberries.

Below, the Rocabey (a district in Saint-Malo) exterior and interior markets.

A short walk through the nearby park took us to the bus stop at Rocabey.  A number 3 bus got us back to Saint-Vincent gate.  From there we walk back to the apartment.  The weather is quite cool, so it was good to be back in the warm apartment.

In the afternoon Sandy got a burst of energy and decided to cook.  Yesterday at the Saint-Servan market we had purchased some chicken breasts from the butcher.  We had also purchased some onions, garlic and mushrooms from our local market 4 Saisons.  So we went to work making some coq-au-vin, chicken in wine.  I got to cut the onions, mushrooms, and chicken breasts.  And crush the garlic.  It is just finishing up in the kitchen now and it smells pretty good.  Sandy is so organized in the kitchen.  She makes it easy to cook.