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road work – view from our balcony door

It is Thursday March 17, Saint Patrick’s day. Received a few St. Paddy’s day e-cards and sent a few e-cards.  Hope everyone had a good day!

This morning the major road work on our street is continuing.  The replacing of city water pipes has resulted in most of the street being “under construction.”  One thing we know is that it will be completed before the high tourist season starts in July.

Phil and I took care of a few errands in the morning.  The scale that we bought this week works and is set to kilograms.  Now we can weigh ourselves to make sure we’re not enjoying too much French food!

In the afternoon, we walked to the butcher to buy something for dinner.  We bought paupiettes-de-veau for dinner.  They are thin slices of veal stuffed with the same stuffing that is used in tomato farcies.  Next they are wrapped in bacon, decorated with a plum, fig, or orange on top and tied with string.  The butcher told us to brown some onions then set them aside.  Brown the veal then re-add the onions. Next he said to pour hard cider over the paupiettes until they are almost covered. Cook in the oven for 45 minutes.  They were delicious!!!  We ate them with new potatoes, a salad, and zucchini.


La Maison du Pain – the house of bread

We also discovered after stopping at the butcher that our favorite boulangerie (Lucas boulangerie) has reopened after remodeling.  Now they are called “La Maison du Pain” and the shop looks great!


La Maison du Pain – the house of bread






All our pictures for March in Saint-Malo France can be viewed at 2016-03 March in Saint-Malo on Flickr.