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Wednesday March 16 and it is time for haircuts at the Gomina coiffure.  Sandy has her pictures from 2014 which she always shows to the stylist to get the correct cut.  For me, I just have trouble caring much about my haircut.  However today I got a very good style from the owner.  She also demonstrated her product which enhances the perceived volume of the hair.  With my dwindling crop of hair it might be a future purchase.

On the way back to the apartment we stopped at the local butcher.  We purchased two chicken breasts and two faux creme brulees.  Then a stop at the 4 Saisons market to purchase one orange, one pear and one courgette.

Back in the apartment Phil worked on the documents which will allow us to stay for at least 8 months.  The Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration (OFII) requires our VISA documentation which we had received from the French consulate in Chicago, plus a photocopy of our USA passport information, our French VISA information and the passport entry stamp we received when we arrived on March 3 at Charles de Gaulle airport.  Had to have one set for Phil and one set for Sandy.  We then took the documents down the street to purchase a large envelope and then to post office (La Poste) to get send it off to the OFII office in Rennes.

After mailing our documents, we walked to the harbor to see if anything was going on today.  We got really lucky.  The local fishermen were returning to the harbor to off load their catch.  Their catch was not fish, but Coquilles St Jacques, also known as scallops.  The coquilles st. jacques season is very short, a couple of weeks a couple of times a year.  We were lucky to happen out to the harbor on one of the days and at the time the boats returned to the harbor.  We got to see 5 boats unload their shells.  We had seen the unloading in 2014, but it is always an interesting event.

The first fishing boat pulling up to the ramp, getting ready to unload and the unloading of the coquilles st. jacques.

coquilles st jacques

coquilles st jacques



coquilles st jacques

While watching the boats unload, some dark clouds appeared and blocked out the sun.  Some sort of weather front was passing by and the temperature dropped quite a bit.  We were happy to head home to our warm apartment.


All of our pictures for March in Saint-Malo France can be viewed at 2016-03 March in Saint-Malo on Flickr.