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Posting March 14 on March 14.  The blog is current.  We will try to keep it that way.

croissant from La Fournee Malouine

croissant from La Fournee Malouine

Monday March 14 and Sandy got some extraordinary croissants from the La Fournee Malouine boulangerie for breakfast this morning.

By 9:00 we are headed off by bus to the E.Leclerc shopping area in Saint-Malo.  The center store is E.Leclerc which is a hypermarche.  It is similar to a Target SuperCenter or a Meijer store.  We try very hard to shop at the small stores and markets, but once in while you have to go to the larger stores.  You just don’t find much toilet paper being sold at the local markets.

Today we are looking at rubber boots for wading excursions into the ocean.  We also have a short list of items to buy like laundry detergent and crackers.  Sandy found some rubber boots which fit.  She didn’t buy them because she wants to look around at other choices before making a decision.  Sandy did by some cute chocolate

easter chocolate fish from E.Leclerc

Easter chocolate fish from E.Leclerc

Easter fish. We also got a new SIM card for Phil’s cellphone at the E.Leclerc Culture shop which is next to the hypermarche.

After E.Leclerc we walked a hundred yards to the Bricorama store.  It is a hardware store similar to Ace Hardware in the USA.  It is much smaller than a Home Depot or a Lowes.

Eurasian magpie

Eurasian magpie

Between E.Leclerc and Bricorama we saw a magpie (actually a Eurasian magpie, apparently there are many varieties).  They really are an interesting and attractive bird. There are quite a few of them around Saint-Malo, but not in the Intra-Muros area where we live.

We took the bus back to the Saint-Malo Intra-Muros bus stop and walked home from there.  The bus stop is 600 meters (656 yards, .37 miles, .6 kilometers) from our apartment.

For lunch we had a nice minestrone soup with fresh bread and fruit.

After lunch we took a walk to the post office (La Poste, the French mail service) to mail a letter and a postcard. We then walked to the harbor to see what was happening there.  It was pretty quiet in the harbor.  The tide was in today.  The other days it had been out when we visited the harbor.  The cormorant was fishing for food again today.  I guess he does that everyday (no market or hypermarche for him/her), but I don’t often see him/her.