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Thursday March 10th we took the bus to the train station (gare) where we renewed our monthly bus pass.  We walked to the Rocabey marche/market and saw our flower vendor.  We purchased all of our outdoor flowers for the balcony from him in 2014.  He actually remembered us.  As usual he wanted to practice his English on us with us practicing our French on him.  It was nice to see him.  He told us the geraniums wouldn’t be available until around the middle of April.

Next we went inside the marche/market building where food is sold. The butcher that we bought all of our meat from in 2013 and 2014 still had his stand. The butcher was not there that day, someone else was working the counter. The young lady working the cash register was our friend from 20114. She immediately recognized us. Before we left our apartment Sandy wrote a note in French telling her I was glad to see her, that we didn’t travel in 2015, and we were here until October this year.  Sandy showed her the note and she replied in English that she was glad to see us too.  She always spoke in English to Sandy and Sandy answered or repeated her phrased in French.  It was good to be remembered and see her.  We bought a thick slice of ham and two sausages fresh (not smoked or highly seasoned).  Sandy spotted another vendor selling olives and purchased a few black olives from him.  We walked back to the train station to get the bus and returned to our apartment. It is lovely to be back in Saint-Malo and see familiar faces.

In the afternoon we retraced our steps from 2014 to find the Catholic Charities used clothing store.  We had visited the store in 2014 and purchased some lightly used clothes and some new items they had on sale. We needed to find out if it was still open only on Tuesdays and what time it was open.  We found it without much trouble. As you can see in the picture below, the hours are 10 to 12 on Tuesday (mardi).  So guess where we are going on Tuesday March 15.

Catholic Charities schedule

Catholic Charities schedule