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On Tuesday March 8th we discovered that our favorite bakery, Luca Boulangerie is closed for remodeling.  They were the only bakery in town that sold “ganna” bread which is slightly whole wheat, with a few grains, but still a crusty French Baguette. The sign on the door says they will reopen around the end of the month.  Don’t hold your breath!  Next we shopped at the Intra-Muros market, one minute away from our apartment.  The vegetable stand owner remembered me. Phil spent quite a lengthy time talking to him.  It was wonderful to see him, the lovely fruits and vegetables and to be able to

Tomato Farcie

tomato farcie

buy them so fresh.  We also shopped at the Intra-Muros butcher. We did not buy anything from him in 2014, but his shop is two minutes away from our apartment and we want to buy “locally”.  We purchased tomato farcies which are delicious stuffed tomatoes to bake in the oven and creme brulee.  For some reason we couldn’t get the cognac to light when we were ready to eat the dessert.



Saint-Malo flag

We took a walk around the walls to see a few new things and took a few photos.  It’s so good to return to Saint-Malo.