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Si notre français doit être corrigé, envoyez-nous vos commentaires. En 2014, nous avons traduit l’entrée quotidienne du blog en français. Mais pour 2016, ce sera tout de suite dans un certain temps. Habituellement, le blog ne sera que en anglais.

Pour 2017 et à l’avenir, il s’agira d’un blog hebdomadaire publié dimanche. Ce ne sera probablement qu’en anglais. La traduction en français n’est pas difficile, c’est tout le reformatage du texte et des images qui le rend difficile.

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If our French needs to be corrected, send us your comments. In 2014 we translated the daily blog entry into French.  But for 2016 that will be just once in a while.  Usually the blog will only be in English.

For 2017 and forward it will be a weekly blog hopefully published on Sunday. It will probably only be in English. The translation to French is not difficult, it is all the reformatting of the text and pictures which makes it difficult.


le semaine se terminant le dimanche 2 septembre 2018 – the week ending Sunday September 2, 2018


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le lundi 27 août 2018 – Monday August 27, 2018

Pretty quiet this morning when Sandy took our garbage and recycling to the center. She was 6th in line at the boulangerie today and several tables on the terrace and the interior were occupied. Tourist season is not over yet.

We took a walk in the morning towards the mole/breakwater. The temperature was so cool that even Phil wore a jacket. We reached the end of the Intra-Muros to look at the Plage du Mole ( breakwater beach ) and the wind was very strong. Sandy took her hat off so it didn’t blow away and we decided it was too windy to walk to the end of the pier. Instead we walked along the basin towards the esplanade Saint-Vincent, looked at the ocean then walked inside the walls to return.


a Nissan Leaf electric car getting a charge at the harbor

We enjoyed an espresso at Charly’s bar and watched people, dogs, birds, gulls, and waiters going to and fro. It was cloudy all morning.

In the afternoon we watched a boules game for a while on our way to the Cathedral. They were providing tours of their bell tower as a way to encourage donations for the renovations of some of their bells. We were at the meeting point but the guide said there were too many people. We elected to leave giving tourist in town for the day a chance to visit. We’ll return on Wednesday at 5pm or Thursday morning.


a cabbage growing in the garden by the castle

le mardi 28 août 2018 – Tuesday August 28, 2018

Sandy frequently sees unusual sites on her way to and from the boulangerie. Today on her return trip she spotted a lady walking down the street wrapped in a towel, heading towards the beach. There were no apparent swimming suit shoulder straps visible. This doesn’t mean much, except the temperature was 12C, 53F, and it was chilly. The beaches here are top optional, but not nude beaches. Maybe she was on her way to shower at a friend’s house.

At the marché Sandy was buying fresh fruit. Another customer from the UK was speaking to the assistant in English. Sandy heard him say that in Greece, an entire watermelon costs 1 euro. The assistant did not understand and was trying to ask him questions. Sandy helped and translated into French for the assistant. The assistant understood, then explained the whole conversation, including Sandy’s translating to Monsieur Alex.

At 12h00, Sandy agreed to meet Christine, our tutor at her house. She had invited Sandy to go to Rennes with her for the afternoon.They were going in Christine’s car which was not air-conditioned. It was a practical size for France, so fairly small but easy to park and drive on narrow streets. It was 22C in Saint-Malo, 27C and sunny in Rennes and hot in the car.

Rennes is a large city and the capital of Brittany. First they visited the Couvent Des Jacobins which had been turned into an exhibition hall. It was a beautiful, light and airy building with an interior cloister. The exhibit contained some of the artwork collected by a world-renowned collector named Francois Pinault. He has assembled over 3000 artworks of the 20 and 21st century. The collection was interesting and bizarre. Then they walked (Donna and Caron – you would be glad you weren’t with us) more than 7 kilometers in the center of the town.

Rennes reminded Sandy of Strasbourg. There were many pedestrianized small cobble stoned streets with bars, restaurants, and boutiques lining both sides of the streets. They were curvy, narrow, and fun to look at. Many houses were similar in style to the city of Dinard, France which has many half timbered houses that tilt one way or another. They also toured the grand Parc du Thabor, 25 acres in size, which is a very large park in the center of the city. It is considered an elegant and romantic French and British style garden. There was an aviary in the center and an Orangerie. They didn’t take time to visit the Orangerie or winter interior garden.


ancient architecture in Rennes


ancient architecture in Rennes

They stopped in the Cathedral which was a beautiful building built around 1845. They looked in several boutiques and arrived home close to 19h00. Sandy was very tired and her feet were sore. She enjoyed her outing, learned a lot about Rennes and practiced speaking French. Thank you Christine.

le mercredi 29 août 2018 – Wednesday August 29, 2018

Sandy was still tired this morning and chose to purchase our breakfast croissant at Maison du Pain, a very short walk from home. However, the sign on the door said, on vacation until September 5th. Sandy then walked to her usual boulangerie La Fournee Malouine but had extra steps since she didn’t intend to shop here.


while waiting for the bus we saw this freighter being unload in the basin

She spent two hours tutoring with Christine. Christine is leaving for a vacation in Spain tomorrow and won’t return until 11th of September. Sandy will take a plant for Christine to “plant sit” and a check to Christine later on that day.

le jeudi 30 août 2018 – Thursday August 30, 2018

Again it was cool, 13C and quiet in the morning. We noticed shutters in neighboring apartments staying closed yesterday. Back to school time. School starts Monday in France so time for the tourists with children to depart.

We took the bus to the Carrefour at the Madeleine Center to look for white dryer sheets. No luck! They must have discontinued them. Alain had given us a plant when we first arrived in Saint-Malo. We saw the same plant while shopping and took a photo to remember the name. It is called a Bromeliacea plant. 42518831370_749048a303_z

We did see “The General” a local character on our bus.

We watched Alain play boules for a while in the afternoon.

le vendredi 31 août 2018 – Friday August 31, 2018

Very quiet this morning. After breakfast we walked to Saint-Servan to buy meat from the butcher. We told him good-bye, he wished us a good winter. His assistant thanked Sandy for helping her practice English and wished us a Happy New Year and a good 2019. Sandy thanked her for her help in practicing French.

We have a lot of tasty meals lined up until we leave! We saw several cars being packed for departure. It was a sunny day with a high temperature of 20C, 70F.


Claude is 92 and still playing boules daily.

le samedi 1 septembre 2018 – Saturday September 1, 2018

Quiet again and Sandy spotted more people leaving with luggage, shopping bags etc this morning.

This weekend is the braderie at the Hippodrome or race track. In the past, an euro entry included a complimentary soft drink. This is the 50th anniversary of the event, so there was no charge, but also no free beverage. We walked around, looked at everything but didn’t buy anything. We spotted two pewter ducks, similar to our own, and a larger duck. We have never seen any of the pewter chickens that we have in Saint-Malo. Everything, the Gare, streets, stores are less crowded.

The temperature climbed to 26C, perfect beach weather. We walked in the ocean admiring the sail boats, the horizon, and enjoyed the cold water. We made a guess that there were only 10% of the number of people here today compared to the last time we were in the water. It seemed like paradise.


Fort National looking good with a stiff wind coming in from La Manche (English Channel)


the RENARD at full sails in the bay

le dimanche 2 septembre 2018 – Sunday September 2, 2018

There must have been a ferry leaving soon on it’s way to the UK when Sandy walked to the recycling center and boulangerie. About 8 British people were in front of her at the boulangerie. They all had backpacks, hand luggage, and larger luggage on wheels. They ordered something like 16 different vienoiseries (pain au chocolat, croissant, pain aux raisons, croissant almond) and each picked out their own order. It took quite awhile to get all of them purchased and departing before it was Sandy’s turn.

After breakfast and close to high tide, we spent awhile at the harbor. We watched a few boats travel in and out of the locks, Corsair and Condor ferries arrive and depart before heading home for lunch.

In the afternoon the temperature was 25C so we headed for a walk in the ocean. It was windier than yesterday but still lovely to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and sea water.


gulls gathering on the rocks at low tide


gulls, rocks, sea and sky, beautiful

le semaine se terminant le dimanche 26 août 2018 – the week ending Sunday August 26, 2018


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If you want to see the album of our pictures from June 2018, you can click on this link, June 2018.

If you want to see the album of our pictures from July 2018, you can click on this link, July 2018.

le lundi 20 août 2018 – Monday August 20, 2018

The people in the apartment below us usually arrive around 15th of August. Normally the elderly mother (70-80?), her adult son (close to our age), and another man probably in his 40-50 arrive together. Phil noticed their apartment door open and one of the window shutters open on Saturday the 18th. We haven’t seen anyone yet. Today around 7h30 there was a lot of banging noises and hammering. We don’t know what was going on at that early hour. When Sandy returned from the boulangerie she could see more window shutters open in the apartment below. Possibly the remainder of their family had arrived. We’ll see.

We walked to the Quai Saint-Malo to view the art show called “Salon Malo Métiers d’art”. In the past few years it was held outdoors at the Tour Solidor in Saint-Servan, just a lovely walk for us. This year the number of days open was extended from 2 to 3 and it was held indoors. There was a 2 euro per person entrance fee and in the past it was free. There were 45 French professional artisans and every stand had beautiful things. Some were expensive, but most were reasonably priced. Since we don’t need anything, we just looked.

Next we walked to the harbor. It was slightly foggy and misting. The lighthouses and peninsulas that we were able to see on Sunday were not visible today. We did see a sailing vessel from Sweden in the basin.  Not a common sight.


the GAIA from Stockholm Sweden in the basin

After lunch we walked to the boules court to say hello to Alain and his wife. Then we walked to the harbor. The pilot-boat was just leaving and we noticed a large cargo ship in the locks on it’s way out of the basin. We stayed to watch the cargo ship leave. The lock must have just started to open (a couple of hours before and after high tide) and we saw several catamarans and sail boats enter. We have the MarintTraffic app on our phones and it details the arrivals and departures of ships in Saint-Malo. Sandy had read where another ship was due to arrive. We watched the Corsair ferries arrive and depart, the Condor ferry from the Channel Islands arrive, and the cargo ship arrive. It looked like a very busy harbor to us from the sidelines. Very interesting to watch though.

le mardi 21 août 2018 – Tuesday August 21, 2018

The people in the apartment below us are definitely here. Their telltale “scent” is the smell of burnt toast in the hallway at breakfast time. Sandy had confirmation, from the odor, of their arrival when she left our building to shop for breakfast.

We read that the store “GO Sport” was closing. We took the bus to La Madeleine Center to see if they had any camping chairs remaining. The store was empty of everything except shoes and clothing. Too bad we didn’t know of the closing earlier in their sale.

We walked to Intersport, about 10 minutes around the road and they had a large selection of camping chairs. We’ll remember this for next year in case we need to replace one of ours.

We also went into the Carrefour Hypermarché. We needed a replacement light bulb for the stove vent and Sandy was looking for rhubarb flavored yogurt. Since rhubarb is considered one of the “seasonal” flavors they were out but we did find a light bulb. Sandy also found Centrum vitamins from the parapharmacie section of the store. Good to know.

After lunch, we saw the ship “Tenacious” enter the basin following the Pilot Boat and then enter the locks. It was a very impressive, 3 masted, ship. It arrived from the Jersey in the Channel Islands.


the TENACIOUS sailing vessel arrived from Jersey in the Channel Islands


got lucky today and spotted a CORMORANT in the harbor, resting on a sign

le mercredi 22 août 2018 – Wednesday August 22, 2018

Sandy counted more than 7 empty parking spots on her way to the boulangerie. It has been cool, occasionally misty, and cloudy for the last 4 days. Maybe the tourists are moving away. Even though our temperature has been around 22C, close to 70F, Paris is still around 30C, hot. Glad we’re not there!

We shopped for groceries in the morning. The transportation was great because there was a bus waiting at the esplanade Saint-Vincent on our way to Intermarche.

On our return trip, as soon as we reached the sidewalk near the bus stop, we saw it turning the corner coming our direction. We noticed more than 600 available parking spots at 10h30.

Around 15h00 we returned to the Esplanade St. Vincent to catch either a #3 or #8 bus so we could walk on the Digue. A #3 pulled up and we were on our way. Even though it was cloudy and cool, there were many people on the beach and in the ocean.


on our walk on the digue, a lot of kids participating in an activity in the water

We had a lovely, interesting walk back and decided to catch the #8 bus to return instead of walking. It was 20 minutes late. The ride is normally a 2 minute long ride but took more than 10 because of the traffic and pedestrians. We noticed the 600 available parking spots we saw in the morning had been reduced to 8. Busy day After all!


the word COMPLET means the parking facility is full

le jeudi 23 août 2018 – Thursday August 23, 2018

Sandy spent two hours tutoring with Christine this morning while Phil took care of a little shopping at the E.Leclerc Hypermarché.

During the walk to Christine’s house there were a lot of beautiful flowers to photograph.

The sun was out for only a couple of hours mid day today. In the afternoon we walked to watch Alain play boules for a while. Afterwards we intended to sit at the harbor to see what was happening. Sandy looked across the bay towards Dinard and commented that it was getting very foggy or raining. We decided it was rain coming across the bay and headed for home. We reached Porte Saint-Louis before it really began to rain. Glad we didn’t tarry to see if the rain was going to stop. It continued for over an hour.

le vendredi 24 août 2018 – Friday August 24, 2018

The temperature was 13C, 55F when Sandy walked to the boulangerie. She thought the people on the ground floor were gone since all of the shutters had been lowered. She also didn’t hear the dog bark when she opened the door into our building.

We walked to Saint-Servan to buy meat at the butcher in the marché. His assistant told us they would be starting their two-week vacation on September 2nd. I let her know we’d be leaving on the 12th of September, so next week we’ll tell them “au revoir” until next year.

In the afternoon we watched Alain play boules for a few minutes then headed to the harbor.


the boules game, closest to the little silver ball gets the point

We have learned that when the harbor pilote boat leaves the harbor, he is usually gone for about 30 minutes. Once he returns, there will be a ship arriving in about 15 minutes later. He proved our theory while we watched.

While we were at the harbor, a cormorant was fishing near by.  Here it is.


a CORMORANT on the surface of the harbor

le samedi 25 août 2018 – Saturday August 25, 2018

Sandy had been back from the boulangerie only 10 minutes when it began raining very hard. There wasn’t any forecast of rain, but you just never know being so close to the ocean. The rain only lasted for about 30 minutes but stayed cloudy and cool.

After breakfast we took a bus to the Intermarche grocery store located at La Decourverte shopping center. We wanted white dryer sheets which Sandy leaves between linens over the winter to stay fresh smelling. This store is always busy and even though they didn’t carry the dryer sheets, we bought 3 other items and the check out lines were long. We were in the self check line and waited less than 10 minutes.

After lunch, the sun came out and the temperature warmed up to 18C. There was a light breeze so we took the bus to be able to walk the length of the Digue. We got off the bus at 15h30, walked to the Digue and then along the length of the Digue.


it was a low tide so a lot of beach – not very many people this afternoon

When we got back to the esplanade Saint-Vincent, the bubble guy was working his magic.


the bubble guy on the esplanade Saint-Vincent, young and old like his magic

We were back in our apartment at 16h45. A really lovely walk in the sunshine.

le dimanche 26 août 2018 – Sunday August 26, 2018

The temperature was 10C, 50F when Sandy walked to the boulangerie today. She has had to use the hairdryer to dry her hair the last two days since the temperature is cooler. She doesn’t like to go outside with wet hair when the temperature is in the 50’s.

le semaine se terminant le dimanche 19 août 2018 – the week ending Sunday August 19, 2018


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If you want to see the album of our pictures from June 2018, you can click on this link, June 2018.

If you want to see the album of our pictures from July 2018, you can click on this link, July 2018.

le lundi 13 août 2018 – Monday August 13, 2018

Two French military jeeps, each with 5 soldiers and machine guns, were driving through the streets when Sandy walked to the boulangerie. We’ve seen them several times walking, but not driving around.

We took care of some household chores in the morning.

After lunch, we wanted to walk to the north end of the Digue and return by bus. When we arrived at the Esplanade St. Vincent, a #8 bus was waiting. So we stepped on the bus, and got off at the Digue stop heading north. We walked on the Digue to the northern end. We did hear a whistle blow several times, couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, or what it was about. As we neared a second story overlook, a lifeguard called out, “no dogs on the beach please”. There are signs indicating dogs are forbidden on the beach, but few people pay attention to the sign. There was a large dog playing with his owner in front of the building and as we watched, he put the leash back on the dog. It looked like they were getting ready to leave, heeding the lifeguard apparently. We also saw two policeman on bikes patrolling the Digue.

We exited the Digue, then walked uphill to Paramé and boarded a #3 bus at the Rousses stop. The bus just happened to be passing by so we signaled to the driver that we wanted the bus. That took us back to our starting point. An excellent hour-long walk. The sun was shining, no jacket needed, and lots of board surfers, and kite surfers to watch.

some odd clouds on the horizon, probably a weather front

strange clouds on the horizon, distinct cloud like is probably a front



kids were sand surfing on the Plage du Rochebonne

le mardi 14 août 2018 – Tuesday August 14, 2018

Today was haircut day for the 3rd time in France. The coiffeuse (woman hairdresser) was very busy but we only waited a few minutes. Sandy told the coiffeuse her last cut was too short on the sides of her head. This time the coiffeuse didn’t use a razor at the end but “thinning” type scissors. Sandy was very pleased with the result. We made an appointment for our last cut on September 11.

After lunch we wanted to buy some sandpaper. A store called Titi-Gil is close to the Intermarché grocery store in Rocabey and carries many items. It is called a “destockage” store meaning it carries items other stores are getting rid of or selling when the store closes. They carry clothing, household goods, cans, bottled food, wine, hardware, beach items, and linens. Sandy found jars of jam with Kroger labels on them. We stopped in the store and bought a package of sandpaper for 1€50.

Next we walked to the Digue heading north, reached the end, and decided to walk back. We saw a lady carrying what Sandy thought was a weasel in her arms. She walked down the stairs to the beach and put down the animal she was carrying. We decided it was a ferret, wearing a harness and leash. The ferret proceeded to start digging a large hole in the sand. Whether it wanted to hide or was searching for it’s dinner we don’t know. A bizarre site on the beaches of Saint-Malo.


kids learning to sail


we’re guessing this is a ferret on a leash getting a walk on the beach – weird

le mercredi 15 août 2018 – Wednesday August 15, 2018

We planned to shop at the Intermarché grocery store after breakfast. We walked to the bus stop, then realized when looking at the arrival time posted that today was a holiday. It is the day of Assumption a religious holiday. The bus company considers it a holiday too and was running buses on a Sunday schedule. We didn’t wait too long, either coming or going and were soon back home. We’ll need to remember today being a “bus holiday” for next year .

The high temperature today was 21C, 69F. It was cloudy most of the day. Late in the afternoon we walked to the harbor to see what was going on. The tide was on it’s way out and we watched the water disappear from underneath the moored boats. Earlier in the week at high tide, we had counted only 3 visible cement blocks from the top of the water to the street. Today there must have been 20 visible cement blocks and the water was still receding. Quite interesting to watch!


same spot on the harbor wall, the small insert photo is high tide the bigger picture is a low tide


a lot of gulls circling above the harbor


the Sea Cloud II was back in the basin this week – a beautiful ship

We enjoyed a kebab at Chez Marcel for dinner eating outside and watching all of the comings and goings of all the people.

le jeudi 16 août 2018 – Thursday August 16, 2018

Today Sandy spent two hours with her tutor Christine. On the walk to the bus at 9h30 there were more than 500 empty parking spaces around the Esplanade Saint-Vincent. On Sandy’s return walk at 12h40, there were only 8 spaces remaining and people were waiting in line in their cars at the entrances to the lots. Another big day for tourists!

While walking to and from Christine’s house you get to pass a large number of wonderful gardens with all kinds of flowers.  Here is a sample.

While Sandy was at the tutor, Phil went shopping at the E.Leclerc Hypermarche.  On returning to the Esplanade Saint-Vincent after shopping Phil saw two young boys looking rather lost.  They approached him and spoke in both French and English.  They were looking for the Corsaire Ferries terminal.  So Phil was able to explain to them how to get there.  But rather than letting them walk alone he accompanied them to the terminal.  They had traveled from Paris on the train this morning.  They were going to their Grandmother’s house in Dinard, across the harbor.  The oldest boy was maybe 15 and his brother must have been around 10 or 11.  We had some nice small talk on the walk.

In the afternoon the temperature dropped to 17C, 63F, and rained off and on. All of the flowers need refreshing and reviving.

Sandy was able to FaceTime with Michael at noon his time. So nice to hear his voice and see his face.

le vendredi 17 août 2018 – Friday August 17, 2018

Today is National Thrift Store Day in the United States. We hope everyone finds a good buy at their favorite store.

Sandy shopped at the Intra-Muros marché for fruit today. She likes to arrive by 9h15 to avoid the “rush”. Monsieur Alex and his assistants take plenty of time with her at that time of the morning.

Next we walked to Saint-Servan to shop at the butcher. It was a lovely morning, cool and partly sunny with no chance of rain. We purchased our meat, walked around the exterior stalls and headed for home.

We sat on a bench at the harbor and watched boats come and go about an hour before high tide. Since there hadn’t been any chance of rain and the sun was shining, we were very surprised to feel rain falling. We moved under a tree and it stopped in about 10 minutes. We weren’t the only ones caught by a surprise shower. There were quite a few people standing under neighboring trees before it stopped.

We did see a cat in a back pack today, which is rare.  Always many more dogs than cats.


cute little cat, probably a teenager, attempting to get out of the back pack

Across the harbor the Brittany Ferries ship BRETAGNE was loading caravans.


Brittany Ferries ship BRETAGNE loading a caravan

le samedi 18 août 2018 – Saturday August 18, 2018

The temperature was 13C, 55F, a little cool when Sandy walked to the boulangerie. She was woken up around midnight last night and could see the results this morning. At the top of the steps behind our apartment the restaurant had their outdoor planter damaged. It was a very large planter with a palm tree inside. It looked heavy enough that it needed two or three people to move it. It had been lifted off it’s bottom container and all of the gravel on top of the dirt dumped on the ground. Then it had been left in the center of the top step. Not nice!

On our way to the Esplanade Saint-Vincent we saw American, Canadian, and British flags flying next to the French flag on top of the wall by the Castle.



We walked on the Digue from the north end to the south end, after taking the #3 bus to the Rousses bus stop in Paramé. It was a very pleasant mid day with a lot of wind. High tide was only 20 minutes away but with a co-efficient of 62 the Digue did not have any water washing over it. There were many surfers in the water.

A curious thing on the digue today, the cat we saw at the harbor was taking its owners for a walk on the digue.


cat taking its owners for a walk on the digue

Later in the afternoon we spent some time on the harbor watching boats come and go.

le dimanche 19 août 2018 – Sunday August 19, 2018

On Sandy’s walk to the boulangerie, she was almost hit by a low flying seagull. It was one of the new birds, born this year, almost completely covered in brown feathers. Possibly it wasn’t skilled to fly high and was just testing it’s wings. Anyway, it’s a good thing Sandy can move quickly and to the side or they would have collided.

Another interesting note, Sandy saw a large car, double parked with it’s motor running on the street outside of the boulangerie . This is not normal. She noticed the bumper sticker which said, “I love nothing! I am Parisian!”, which would seem to fit in with their superiority complex. Inside the boulangerie a man was trying to put the lid on two “to-go” cups of coffee he had purchased. He didn’t get them on correctly and he dripped coffee on the floor all of the way out of the door . The madam said she would clean it up and to be careful. The boulangerie was busy with 3 of the 4 tables on the terrace occupied, a few tables in back occupied and Sandy was 5th in line.

Between 11:30 and 13:30 we watched the sailboats gather together to “parade” to Cancale for the remaining day of the “Branlebas de Régates : La mer en Fête” which is a 4 day race.


we set up our chairs on the wall to watch the boats on parade


some of the boats which participated in the parade

Over the eight years we have traveled to Saint-Malo we have seen many people fishing from the môle (breakwater), especially at high tide.  Today for the first time we saw someone catch a fish and it was a pretty good size fish.

guy caught a fish at high tide in the harbor

this guy caught a good size fish at high tide in the harbor

le semaine se terminant le dimanche 12 août 2018 – the week ending Sunday August 12, 2018


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If you want to see the album of our pictures from June 2018, you can click on this link, June 2018.

If you want to see the album of our pictures from July 2018, you can click on this link, July 2018.

le lundi 6 août 2018 – Monday August 6, 2018

Today was the first day of the two-day Intra-Muros braderie. Many individuals had already spread out their blankets, towels, etc to display their items for sale. Sandy just quickly glanced at them as she bought our breakfast.

On her way to the boulangerie she dropped off our recycling at the “center.” There are several “centers” around town both inside and outside the walled city. Today a man was standing in front of the garbage machine with his garbage bag in his hand. He looked at Sandy and appeared to need help.  She was not sure what language he was speaking. She pushed the open button, pulled open the door, the man threw his garbage inside, Sandy shut the door and pushed the compact button. The man said “okay, okay, merci” and they were both on their way. Since the written directions on the garbage machine are in English and French, he apparently did not read either language.

After breakfast we browsed through the many tables of goods for sale. This is a huge sidewalk sale where the majority of main street are full of goods for sale from individuals and the local businesses.


Intra-Muros braderie at the Place de la POISSONNERIE

We looked at many things but only made a purchase from the Bessec shoe store. Phil has had good luck shopping there the past two years. This year he needed better sandals to walk to the beach. He found a pair of Birkenstock sandals that are made of rubber. They had two bands across the foot and no backs. Perfect for wearing to the beach and easy to put back on after walking in the water.

After lunch we walked to the beach to go wading. There were so many people! The water had warmed up to 20C, 69F and felt wonderful! We walked a different route than usual to avoid the sidewalk sales and the main esplanade Saint-Vincent, where we catch the bus looked like a circus! Great for the local businesses.


a lot of people on the beach today

le mardi 7 août 2018 – Tuesday July 31, 2018

When Sandy walked to buy our breakfast the streets were fairly quiet. She only noticed one individual setting up her sidewalk sale next to the boulangerie. However, after buying fruit at our marché then shopping for non-perishables at Intermarché grocery store at 10h00 the streets were again crowded.

On the way back from the Intermarché we saw a Republique Française emblem on a building across from the park in Rocabey.  This is the third one we have seen.  We don’t have any idea why they are on certain buildings.


Republique Française emblem, we have seen 3 of these in town, not sure why they are on display

Apparently Saint-Malo is one of a few spots in Europe or at least France that hasn’t been seriously affected by the heat wave. Our predicted high temperature of 22C, 72F is much better than the predicted high of 37C, 98.6F, in Paris. Since we are less than a 2 1/2 hour train ride this is one of the closest places to get some relief from the heat and enjoy the sea and beach. Let’s hope our luck with temperatures continues through the remainder of August.

Around lunchtime we heard thunder, the skies darkened, and it rained off and on for about an hour and a half. Good! The streets need a wash and the flowers need a drink.

le mercredi 8 août 2018 – Wednesday August 8, 2018

Sandy dropped off recycling on her way to the boulangerie. She thought the streets, sidewalks, and air smelled fresher than yesterday after the rain. The flowers in the Place du Legume aux Marché looked revived. The streets were calm.

Very early in the morning, before sunrise, a large sailing ship arrived in the harbor.  It was the Sea Cloud II.  It left late that same evening.


the Sea Cloud II sailing ship

Today Sandy spent two hours tutoring with Christine and Phil did a little shopping at E.Leclerc Supermarché. On Sandy’s way from Christine’s house to the bus stop (about a 10 min. walk) a lady driving by pulled over and asked Sandy where the market was in Paramé. Sandy was able to give her simple directions, in French, that were almost correct. Big improvement in Français!


saw a dog in a window while walking through Paramé to Christine’s house

Alain and his wife came to our apartment for an aperitif. They brought a gift as is normal in France when invited to someone’s house.  It was a nice visit and we discovered that he and his wife do not eat crackers, pretzels, or cashews. Good to know for the future.

le jeudi 9 août 2018 – Thursday August 9, 2018

Sandy shopped at Maison du Pain for our breakfast because it was raining when she woke up. The rain was predicted to come later in the morning, but arrived earlier. It was just a light mist, common for Saint-Malo. As the shop is only 80 steps from our front door it is close enough to avoid needing an umbrella.

It rained off and on until almost 15h00. The sun came out of the clouds and we were on the #8 bus to the Kennedy stop across from the north end of the Digue. Sandy wore a jacket, sneakers and socks since it was only 18C, 65F. We walked towards Intra-Muros straight into the wind. It was so strong that Sandy had to brace herself as she walked to avoid being knocked down. We felt completely wind-blown by the time we returned home. An invigorating walk for sure!


a few waves in  the water today


three young gulls taking a nap on the beachr


le vendredi 10 août 2018 – Friday August 10, 2018

The temperature had fallen after the rain yesterday and Sandy again wore a jacket to the boulangerie. She took our garbage, glassware, and recycling bag of plastics, paper, and cans to the recycling center. However, it was completely overflowing and she had to leave all of our items outside the depository on the sidewalk, as other people had already left their refuse. What a mess!

Around 11 am we took a bus to the Rocabey stop, went into Intermarche for butter and stopped in the pharmacy for eye drops.


we saw a magpie (pie in french) in the park by Rocabey on the way to the Intermarché

We walked home, and while it was windy, it wasn’t as strong as yesterday. The high temperature for today was 21C, 70F. Great walking weather.

it was still windy and the gulls were gliding around

it was still windy and the gulls were gliding around

le samedi 11 août 2018 – Saturday August 11, 2018

One of the younger assistants helped Sandy at the boulangerie. She told Sandy that her order was “ une chanson dans ma tête”, like a song in her head. Two croissants and a baguette Festival. Funny how our language sounds to other people, especially in French.

We took a bus to the Paramé Mairie stop to look at the marché. When we were there for tutoring on Wednesday there were so many vendors that their stands were almost encroaching into the street. Big surprise on Saturday! They went someplace else. There were only 4 or 5 stands on Saturday, so nothing interesting to look at. We walked 6 blocks to the Digue and enjoyed a leisurely walk home. According to our “steps” counter in a health app, it was about a 3 mile walk.

In the afternoon we spent some time at the harbor watching boats come and go. The tide was on it’s way in. It was surprising to see how fast all of the anchored boats went from sitting on mud to floating in water.


the Commodore Goodwill, a cargo ship, always comes into port on Saturday


after the Commodore Goodwill left the harbor, the Condor Ferries ship came into the harbor

le dimanche 12 août 2018 – Sunday August 12, 2018

It was very quiet when Sandy walked to the boulangerie. This is a day of Grande Marée, exceptionally high tide with a co-efficient of 109. It was very cloudy with rain in the forecast in the morning. Strong winds could make the tide dramatic and disruptive.

Well the tide was high, but there was very little wind, so the waves were minimal.


the water was very close to the top of the wall in the harbor


the tide caused all of the Plage de Môle to disappear

le semaine se terminant le dimanche 5 août 2018 – the week ending Sunday August 5, 2018


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If you want to see the album of our pictures from June 2018, you can click on this link, June 2018.

If you want to see the album of our pictures from July 2018, you can click on this link, July 2018.

le lundi 30 juillet 2018 – Monday July 30, 2018

Sandy was 6th in line at the boulangerie (bakery) this morning. Every table on the terrace was full and 3 of the 7 interior tables were full. The boulangère (female baker) and her assistant were making coffees, pouring juice, waiting on customers at the counter and trying to serve everyone that was seated. Very busy for a Monday morning!!

The Paris Gare Montparnasse is a large train station which is the base for trains traveling to the west and southwest of France. The train station was in chaos over the weekend. The electricity substation which supplies electricity to the Gare of Montparnasse was severely damaged on Friday, July 27 by a still unexplained fire. All trains were cancelled on Friday, half of them were running on Saturday and Sunday. The news last night said there were still 40,000 travelers trying to leave Paris from this station. We have traveled to and from this station and so did our son Michael. What a disaster!!

We took the #3 bus to the Auberge de Jeunesse stop and went into the Carrefour Market. This store is larger than the Carrefour City we have in the Intra-Muros, but smaller than the Carrefour Hypermarche at the La Madeleine center.  They sell lightly breaded fish, similar to the kind used for British fish and chips which we like. We bought 2 pieces to have for dinner. They also carried “accras de morue,” cod fritters. We tried them for the first time. They were very good, just slightly fishy tasting and they had a nice crunch!


we walked back on the beach from the Carrefour Market

le mardi 31 juillet 2018 – Tuesday July 31, 2018

It was the last day of July. We have been here for more than two months!

The boulangerie was totally different from yesterday. Sandy was the only customer there today. She remarked to the madam that they were very busy yesterday. The madam replied “beaucoup, beaucoup, de monde,” “many, many people from all over.” Good for business.

We shopped at the Intermarche grocery store after breakfast. One of the items we purchased was a new flavor of ice cream for us. It was Lemon Meringue Pie flavor.

After lunch we talked to Alain on the boules court confirming his invitation for an aperitif at his apartment tomorrow. We sat at the harbor and watched a few boats come and go at low tide. It was a beautiful afternoon and cool in the shade.


sail boat waiting to enter the lock to then enter the basin

For dessert we tried our new ice cream flavor. Wow! It was amazing! There were actually tiny pieces of meringue, almost baking chip sized pieces, crust, and very creamy lemon flavored ice cream. It was a great experiment!

le mercredi 1 août 2018 – Wednesday August 1, 2018

Sandy met with Christine for two hours of tutoring this morning. She is very tired by the end of their time together. Phil shopped for a few items at the E.Leclerc Hypermarché while Sandy was at Christine’s house.


the exquisite church in Paramé on our walk to Christine’s home

We took the 17h30 bus to our friend Alain’s apartment because he invited us for an aperitif. We had a lovely evening with he and his wife. Alain speaks clearly, slowly, and doesn’t use lengthy sentences which helps Sandy with French. While we were at his house, Alain phoned Denise in Paris and all of us were able to talk to her on the speaker phone.  She reported that Paris was hot and the temperature was  33C.

It had been a cool day and evening in Saint-Malo, so it wasn’t too hot waiting for or walking to the bus.

le jeudi 2 août 2018 – Thursday August 2, 2018

Last night the ship El Galeón Andalucia , a replica of a Spanish galleon from the XVI century came through the locks and moored in the basin. It will be in the basin for a week and is open for tours priced at 8 euros per person. It is an impressive looking ship! The link for it’s web site is: El Galeon. It will help if you can read Spanish.

We shopped for meat at the boucherie at the Rocabey marché. Sandy also bought one meter of elastic from one of the stalls outside. It cost an euro. The price was certainly correct! She wanted to add it to a jacket she bought at a braderie to tighten the sleeves.

In the afternoon we walked in the ocean as the tide was going out. There was an enormous amount of beach available for everyone. Lovely afternoon.


Sandy on the beach


a lot of people on the beach

le vendredi 3 août 2018 – Friday August 3, 2018

We took care of a few errands, picked up a newspaper, made a reservation for dinner tomorrow, and stopped at the wine shop.

After lunch we walked to Saint-Servan to look at their braderie, whole streets full of flea market stalls.

On the way back we saw the Spanish ship El Galeón Andalucia docked in the basin.


El Galeón Andalucia,


El Galeón Andalucia,

On our way back home we stopped and said hello to Alain at the boules court. Since it was fairly warm we headed for home soon after. Sandy made chef salads for dinner.

le samedi 4 août 2018 – Saturday August 4, 2018

45 years ago today we were married! 💑

After breakfast we walked to Saint-Servan for day two of their street length braderie. We found another pewter duck, similar to the few Sandy has in Holland. It was slightly larger than the one she bought in May at a braderie in Paris.

Sandy also spotted a set of silverware. It was a complete set for 6 and new. The best part was the price, 5€ euros. We bought it because the set we bought in 2012 was not dishwasher safe and had plastic handles. The red plastic handles were colorful, fun to use, but broke easily. We knew they would have to be replaced by next year. Problem solved.

On our walk back, the sliding bridge was just opening to allow boats to enter the lock. We counted 23 boats, the most we remember seeing at one time in the lock. Two of the boats were hardly ocean-going vessels as they appeared to only be 15 or 20 feet long.

At 19h30 we walked to the Brasserie Armoricaine for dinner.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner, with excellent service including white tablecloths. It was a delicious way to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary.❤️

le dimanche 5 août 2018 – Sunday August 5, 2018

It is going to be a pretty hot day, around 27C.

We walked to the braderie in Rocabey this morning.  There were about two dozen stands and quite a few people.


Braderie in Rocabey to raise money for the handicapped


the crowd at the braderie in Rocabey

We walked back from Rocabey.  We passed the two large factory fishing trawlers used for North Atlantic fishing.


Grand Hermine in the foreground and the Joseph Roty II in the background, they are factory trawler fishing boats which venture out toward Canada

By the evening the heat was replaced by a nice cool breeze.